About Us

Fashion with a Passion

Mogul Clothing Company is an independent streetwear clothing line poised to make a positive impact. Based in central North Carolina, we aim to help our community and beyond with not only upgrading your wardrobe but also by giving back with every purchase. When you wear a Mogul piece you are supporting the brand and helping your community and world which you live in!

My name is Chris. I started MOGUL in  2017 and have been interested in fashion my whole life. I have 2 brothers. In 2003 I lost my oldest brother. He was my best friend and I aspired to have his fashion sense. He would help anyone in need. He was the kind of person who would literally give the shirt off his back to anyone if they asked and needed help. So many times in my life I have experienced bullying, or made to feel that I don't belong and I never want other people to feel that way or think that Suicide is an option.I draw inspiration all the time not only from music and art and every day life, but also my brother's memory, and other friends and family.

That is why I created Mogul. We strive to aide Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Programs. After struggling with my own depression and seeing my brother struggle, I knew I wanted to help others that have felt like me or experienced the same things. A portion of each sale goes to help fund American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and other Non-Profits. Find out more about the non-profit organizations we donate to at the links below. Start by wearing Mogul, and help make a positive impact.

*We are not affiliated with or sponsored by these organizations. They help a lot of people. We love them and think everyone should also.
Questions? Feel free to ask.